Are you frustrated with your listening?

Hi everyone

Many students comment how frustrated they feel when they don’t understand every single word they listen to in a film, podcast or even a conversation.

We have already talked about improving listening skills here and here and discussed that you are not expected to understand 100%. Ask yourself: Did I get the message? Did I get important details I needed? Can I rephrase bits and pieces which were not so clear to me? If you answered “Yes” to these questions, then you’re making progress. Congratulations!

Today, the purpose of this post is both to calm you down and have some fun. I came across this video and I was listening to it instead of watching it when, suddenly, one of the guests started talking and it was so hard to understand him that I stopped everything else just to watch and focus on the story he was telling.

Good Lord! His Scottish pronunciation is soooo challenging. It was then that the idea struck me; how great would it be to share this video with you?

So, dear student, next time you feel down, frustrated and absolutely demotivated with  your listening skills, think about this video. Here, everyone speaks English as their first language; each of them has a different accent though, since they are British, American and Scottish. In spite of sharing the same language, observe Lily Tomlin’s (American) reaction to Kevin Bridges’ (Scottish) accent – she doesn’t get a word he says!

 See? English is a foreign language to you, finding it difficult to understand listening is absolutely normal.

Enjoy it!


Teacher Cíntia


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