Expand your vocabulary – Emotions wheel

Hi everyone

Do you know when you feel that you’re not making progress? It seems that your English is stuck in a certain level and it’s so hard to improve it.

Well, sometimes you just need a little help to add new words to your repertoire…yeap…your repertoire, the collection of words you use when speaking English.

Usually, students get familiar with a group of words and use them repeatedly. This limits your choice of vocabulary.

What about experimenting synonyms or being more descriptive?

It works like this, imagine that you always say you’re angry, whenever you’re going to describe this feeling, this is the first word that comes to mind. Now, what about being more specific in relation to your anger? For instance, you can say that you’re frustrated, resentful or even furious.

Can you notice how each of these words conveys a different message? Sometimes they add strength to the emotion, other times they soften it.

Take a look at this emotion wheel and use it to choose a more specific vocabulary to help you describe how you’re feeling.


Teacher Cíntia


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