Learn English faster – Anki

Hi everyone

Last week during a class with a student of mine I noticed that he was using words and expressions we had studied the previous lesson. It was a very nice surprise to me since it usally takes some time for students to experiment with new vocabulary.

As I congratulated him on his progress he mentioned that he’d been using a program called Anki. Have you heard of it?

What’s Anki

Well, Anki is a free program that helps you remember things through the use of customized flashcards. It works like this, you download the program to your computer or mobile and then install it choosing the interface language of your preference.

After installing it, you open the program and create flashcards (Create Deck) grouped by topics. Once the cards are created, the program will show you the cards, wait for you to think of the correct answer and then you can check whether you got it right. According to your performance, the program will choose if a specific card will appear more or less often to you.

As well as creating your own set of cards, you can download cards (Get Shared, popular categories English) created by other students; all you have to do is to click on  

I have selected some cards which I believe are quite useful:

It’s a great tool to review specific vocabulary, grammar, idioms, phrasal verbs, etc and I strongly recommend all students to have a go with Anki.

Take a look at this video showing the program and its resources.

A big thanks to Sebastian for sharing such important resource with us!

Enjoy your learning.

Teacher Cíntia


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