Economic or economical?

Economic and economical are adjectives.

We use economic to mean ‘related to trade, industry or money’:

The economic forecast for next year is not good.

The President spoke mostly about economic policy.

We use economical to mean ‘not using a lot of money’:

Hybrid cars are very economical. (They do not cost a lot of money to run.)

Solar energy for your home is expensive in the short term but it is more economical in the long term.

Source: English Grammar Today

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IMport or imPORT? How stress changes the meaning

The meaning of a word can change according to the syllable that is stressed. This applies to some specific words in English and most of them are two syllable words.

Changes in the stressed syllable can result in:
1. transforming a noun into a verb
2. changing the meaning completely

Let’s take a look at some examples of how to change from a noun to a verb


Source: Teacher Gill

  1. Change from noun to verb or noun to adjective, different meaning:

Source: Teacher Gill

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