English À la Carte

You have already studied English and communicate well in the language, however, you have a business event and would like to practice before the big day. So this is your option!

English à la carte offers individual classes in which the student brings the material he or she wants to work with, it could be a Powerpoint presentation, materials for a meeting, a speech, and so on.

This style of classes requires preparation, both from the teacher and the student because the material needs to be in English already, since this is not a translation work, and needs to be sent to me prior to the scheduled day.

If the student wants to, it is possible to record their presentation in an mp3 file.


Observe que NÃO se trata de um serviço de tradução, ou seja, o material a ser usado nas aulas À la carte já deverão estar em inglês. Caso o aluno necessite da tradução de algum documento, esse serviço pode ser solicitado separadamente, antes da aula. Solicite uma proposta de tradução aqui.