Learn English faster – Diigo

Hi everyone

Today I’m going to share with you a very useful tool that will help you make your reading experience much more enjoyable and definitely easier.

My students know that I always assign some quite lengthy articles as homework, most of which are not exactly graded to a specific level, in other words, texts are not stripped of difficult words, idioms or long sentences. Obviously the task focuses on something that I know students are capable of producing, but even so, the reading task itself can be quite challenging. Continue reading


Learn English faster – Anki

Hi everyone

Last week during a class with a student of mine I noticed that he was using words and expressions we had studied the previous lesson. It was a very nice surprise to me since it usally takes some time for students to experiment with new vocabulary.

As I congratulated him on his progress he mentioned that he’d been using a program called Anki. Have you heard of it? Continue reading